Px4 Storm Compact


The PX4 Storm Compact double/single-action pistol is all about versatility. In size, it is right between the full-size PX4 and its sub-compact counter part, offering you the best of both worlds for concealed carry, personal defense and recreational shooting.

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Action Single/Double Single/Double Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 83 83 83
Barrel length (in) 3.27 3.27 3.27
Caliber 9×19 (PARA) 9×21 IMI .40 S&W
Magazine 15 15 12
Overall height (mm) 129 129 129
Overall height (in) 5 5 5
Overall length (mm) 173 173 173
Overall length (in) 6.8 6.9 6.8
Overall width (mm) 36 36 36
Overall width (in) 1.42 1.42 1.42
Sight radius (in) 5.2 5.2 5.2
Sight radius (mm) 131 131 131
Weight unloaded (g) 770 770 770
Weight unloaded (OZ) 27.2 27.3 27.4
PX4 Storm Compact: Versatile for Concealed Carry, Home Defense and Recreation
Hold the PX4 Storm Compact and you’ll immediately realize that this handgun can do it all. Perfectly sized and balanced, it is equally suited for concealed carry, home- or personal defense as well as recreational shooting. With its full grip, full-capacity magazine, accessory rail and interchangeable backstraps, you will get a further sense of its versatility. But it is at the shooting range that this double/single-action compact handgun will truly wow you: thanks to its rotary barrel system, recoil dissipates radially, resulting in much less thump in your hand and super-fast follow-up shots.
An Ultra-Reliable Professional Choice for Holster Carry
As you read this, the PX4 Storm in its various configurations is being carried by countless law-enforcement and military organizations around the world, in every environment imaginable. This is because it is engineered to be absolutely reliable and ultra-durable, and it is capable of shooting well over 100,000 rounds without any part breakage. And its dimensions that fall right in between the full-size PX4 Storm and its sub-compact counterpart make it perfect for everyday holster carry (concealed or open), offering light weight and smaller proportions while still affording a full grip.
Modular, Easy to Customize and Full of User-Friendly Choices
The Px4 Storm Compact offers a plethora of features that make it easily adaptable to your preferences. Its modular construction allows you to interchange backstraps to perfectly fit your hand and shooting style, while the slide lock and safety are ambidextrous; in addition, the magazine release is reversible, meaning that you can easily train with and use your PX4 with either hand. Other features include a retractable lanyard loop, as well as user-adjustable sights and a number of accessories that make this pistol a true champion in its class.
Safe, Easy to Use and Maintain
This handgun offers intuitive controls and an absolutely safe mechanism. In a holster or purse, an automatic firing-pin block and a manual safety enable you to confidently carry it all day–day after day, without any worries. Furthermore, it is easy to use and take apart for cleaning, and its tough Bruniton finish make it even more trouble-free to maintain. In short, the PX4 Storm Compact will give you years and years–and thousands upon thousands of rounds–of reliable service, accuracy and safety for personal or home defense.


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