DT11 Black Pro


The DT11 Black Pro was born from the collaboration with the champions of the Beretta Shooting Team to offer all shooters the maximum possibility of customizing the balance and fitting of the stock in an autonomous, always reversible and immediate way.
In fact, the DT11 Black Pro offers all the innovative features of the DT11 Black Edition, with the addition of two removable muzzle weights and the new fully adjustable trap, skeet and sporting stocks that Beretta has developed with TSK

DT11 Black Edition Trap and Sporting Dt11 Sporting Find in which armory the DT11 is available. Technical characteristics DT11 • OCHP: With a production dating back to 1526, and which today can count over 500,000 barrels per year, Beretta is the world leader in technological research applied to ballistics. Optimabore HP technology, combined with Steelium, is able to guarantee excellent accuracy and consistent pattern patterns with any type of cartridge. • Steelium: this is the technology used in the production of Beretta barrels, which allows Beretta tri-alloy steel to become a real ballistic jewel, thanks to a truly unique production process. Deep drilling, cold hammering and vacuum stress relieving give the steel the ideal mechanical characteristics for achieving superior ballistic performance. ________________________________________ New Matt finish of the barrels: much more than a simple aesthetic quirk – the opaque barrel ensures the absence of reflections of any kind, and allows you to focus solely on the target, without unexpected distractions. NEW Upper rib B-Fast in carbon fiber: extremely light and resistant, the new upper rib ensures perfect linearity even in the most extreme shooting conditions, thanks to the new fixing system without welding. An extra opportunity for your 25? Well… yes! (Only available on 692 and DT11) NEW Black Edition receiver: the Black Edition over-and-under are characterized by a black look that alternates matte surfaces with glossy surfaces, giving these shotguns an incomparable personality. Wide action frame: The action frames on the 690 and 693 models are 1.3mm wider than their predecessor, the glorious 682. This gives the new over-and-unders greater stability when swinging. And the DT11? Even 2.6mm more in width than the DT10. NEW NEW Carbon fiber underguard body: the DT11 Black is the only Beretta shotgun equipped with a trigger group with carbon fiber underguard, which allows even more advanced weight control. (available only on DT11) ________________________________________ • Removable trigger group: as before, the trigger group of the DT11 can be quickly disassembled, to allow you to replace it if necessary between one platform and another, without the risk of having to give up the plates (available only on DT11)


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