92 Compact with Rail Inox


The new 92 Compact Rail is a formidable companion for those requiring a smaller format. All of the strengths of the 92 in a compact size for off-duty carry, plainclothes work, or everyday concealment.


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Action Single/Double Single/Double
Barrel length (mm) 108 108
Barrel length (in) 4.25 4.25
Caliber 9×19 (PARA) 9×19 (PARA)
Magazine 13 10
Overall height (mm) 133.4 133.4
Overall height (in) 5.25 5.25
Overall length (mm) 197 197
Overall length (in) 7.75 7.75
Overall width (mm) 38 38
Overall width (in) 1.5 1.5
Sight radius (in) 5.75 5.75
Sight radius (mm) 146 146
Weight unloaded (g) 896 896
Weight unloaded (OZ) 31.6 31.6
92 (M9A1) Compact With Rail Inox: Sleek Tactical Perfection
The M9A1 is an evolution of the legendary Beretta M9 military semiauto pistol, developed with the advice of several law-enforcement and military agencies around the world. The M9A1 Compact With Rail Inox is a smaller and lighter variation that features an attractive and super-resistant stainless-steel (Inox) finish. Its many tactical features, ruggedness and absolute reliability make it a great choice for on- or off-duty carry, as well as personal defense or concealed carry. New for the 92 Compact series, a 1/2×28 threaded 4.8” OAL Barrel.
Compact and Super-Resistant
Compared to its full-size counterpart, the M9A1 Compact Inox is a full ¾” shorter and 2.3 oz. lighter, making it even more comfortable for all-day carry. Also, its shorter trigger-reach will make it simple to shoot even by users with smaller hands–and even for that first double-action pull. While in the holster, its super-resistant stainless-steel finish makes it stand up to sweat even on scorching summer days, while also making it more impervious to corrosion between shooting and cleaning.
Full of Tactical Features
This handgun offers a great number of useful tactical features, without compromising on its military-style sturdiness and toughness. The magazine well is beveled, for lightning-quick tactical mag-changes without taking your eyes off the target. The combat trigger guard facilitates the use of the handgun while wearing gloves, as well as an ideal and secure placement of the off-hand; also, the front and backstrap are checkered to ensure a positive and consistent grip. Lastly, an integral Picatinny rail enables the easy mounting of tactical accessories such as lighting and sighting systems–without any gunsmithing or modification to the pistol.
Reliable and Easy to Shoot
Engineered to withstand the hardest use in the most demanding conditions around the world, the M9A1 meets and exceeds the standards of reliability of professional military and law enforcement. This handgun will reliably feed most commercial ammunition designs, including the wider hollow-points and the hardest-hitting +P. An attractive, perfectly-engineered pistol for most uses including competition. Buy 92 Compact with Rail Inox Beretta, 92 Compact with Rail Inox Beretta for sale.


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